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Christmas crisis covered

November 3, 2017 Christmas and the humble stubby ho, ho, ho-lder present (pun intended) plenty of options for the silly season. Looking for somewhere to start with your Christmas shopping? Hunting for a clever and cost effective Kris Kringle gift? A custom made stubby holder from My Stubby could be just the ticket. Add to hampers, send to... read more


September 22, 2017 If there is one thing we know it’s that stubby holders are a must-have sporting staple. With finals of all sporting sorts just around the corner there’s bound to be heaps of hugs, high fives and back slapping. If you’ve already won and had an amazing season of Football, Netball, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer or any... read more

Tricks of the trad(ie)

August 7, 2017 Tradie folk, it’s time to down tools and listen up. Did you know that as well as keeping your beer cold, the simple stubby holder is also a clever and low cost way to market your business? Here’s some ideas: – You can have a stash in the back of the ute ready to hand... read more

Strictly business

June 7, 2017 Looking for a fresh and snappy way to promote your business or event? What about a quality corporate gift or promotional item? A customised stubby holder from My Stubby can help your business stand out from the crowd and stay engaged with customers. Graham, from Melbourne, agrees: “Just to let you know my business has... read more

It’s us, not you

May 26, 2017 We’re sorry. Our online Design Your Own Feature service is currently under construction. But there is good news…. 1. The new fan dangled service is going to be tip top! Stay tuned. 2. In the mean time, you get to take advantage of our free design service when you order and design a custom stubby... read more

Easy like Sunday Morning

March 27, 2017 Did you know just how easy it is to order and design a custom stubby holder? Let us show you the process. Step 1. Decide to order (you’re halfway there!) Step 2. Design. Unleash the inner creative beast and do it yourself on our website. Or, the My Stubby team will design for you, for... read more

Buck-le up…

November 10, 2016 Looking for a fun, cheap and hassle-free keepsake for your next bucks do? A stubby holder ticks all the boxes (come on, no-one wears the t-shirts ever again) and is an essential part of the bucks day kit bag. They’re also one of My Stubby’s best sellers. The wolf pack will love the re-useable, durable,... read more

Put some runs on the board…

October 14, 2016 With cricket season about to get into full (bat) swing, now might be a good time to refresh your club’s current set of stubby holders. Or, you might like to look at ordering your first ever custom made batch. (They’re cheap so you shouldn’t have to haggle with the treasurer too much). Perhaps you could... read more

Raise the stakes…

September 15, 2016 Spring racing carnival means barriers, bets, bolters, maidens, mares and mayhem. (And that’s just on the turf). Trackside, it’s a field of humans jostling for prime position near the winning post, and in marquees at racetracks across the country. Here’s some late mail to consider, that’s a lot of people for your business to reach.... read more

Finish the season on a high…

August 31, 2016 Here at My Stubby HQ we love the magical months of August and September for two reasons – spring and sport. Finals fever has hit, premierships trophies are up for grabs, and over on the sidelines the supporters are going berserk. Despite end of season ladder positions, now is the time clubs come together to... read more